Welcome to the Tsoseletso Foundation

Tsoseletso Foundation is a non-profit organisation designed to bring hope to millions of young, underprivileged South African children by giving them a pair of brand new school shoes, renewing their sense of purpose, hope, and joy. It was born out of a need to restore dignity and pride to the vulnerable lives of millions of deprived young children, renewing their confidence and encouraging them to use education as a vehicle to move beyond their challenging circumstances.

We are committed to maintain a complete transparent and credible organisation that is build on, openness, accuracy and accountability. We will use the resources entrusted to us, to competently deliver our objectives in the most efficient, effective and innovative ways.

Why Shoes?

As the former victims ourselves, we understand the intricacies of walking long distance to school with barefoot, and we also know it’s painful and long-term effects. We know the effect that this simple gesture can have on someone who has never had the privilege of having their own pair of shoes.