About Us

Founded by the former victim of poverty, Ezekiel Motlana, has experienced the pain of walking long distance to school in FREEZING weather with barefoot. Him and His wife Koketso Motlana, are determined to work with compatible organisations to ensure that Millions of underprivileged South African children will have the joy and pride of owning a pair of brand new school shoes.

We are committed to maintaining a complete transparent and credible organisation that is build on, Openness, accuracy and accountability. We will use the resources entrusted to us, to competently deliver our objectives in the most efficient, effective and innovative ways.

About the Founder

Ezekiel Motlana is a visionary leader and a social entrepreneur who dedicate his life to improving the quality of life of young underprivileged children. Having been a victim of poverty, he commit his passion and energy to improve the lives of millions of young, underprivileged South African children in the most efficient, effective and innovative ways. He founded Tsoseletso Foundation in 2012 as an inspiration that came from his experience with poverty in the early years of his life.