The Team

Ezekiel Motlana – Founder


Ezekiel Motlana is a visionary leader and a social entrepreneur who dedicate his life to improving the quality of life of young underprivileged children. Having been a victim of poverty, he commit his passion and energy to improve the lives of millions of young, underprivileged South African children in the most efficient, effective and innovative ways. He founded Tsoseletso Foundation in 2012 as an inspiration that came from his experience with poverty in the early years of his life.

Sue Heyman


Sue Heyman has completed her Mathematics education studies at Unisa with a complementary basis of Sociology as major. It is her belief that sociological factors, such as the class structure of society, should be addressed in order to advance education in poor areas of South Africa. As the founder of MeHelpMe, a Mathematics program for higher school children, she practices private tuition at previously advanced and disadvantaged areas in Pretoria. By making use of her sociology knowledge, the success recipe of MeHelpMe and God’s wisdom, she attempts to impact on the passing rates of the masses who attend poorly performing schools.

Ronald Conco

Danmar Heroldt

Ronald is a highly skilled computer programmer, activist and social entrepreneur.